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Fall is coming. Tips for your landscaping.

Fall is coming. Tips for your landscaping.

Summer is swiftly drawing to a close, and October will be here before you know it. Take a few moments to prepare your home’s landscaping before heading out for the first pumpkin-spiced latte of the season. Fall is a season of vibrant colors, and it’s a great time to spend mornings and nights in your yard, sipping a hot beverage and wearing a light jacket. Your yard may become an autumn sanctuary with a few terrific landscape ideas.

Fall Foundation

The very first thing that you should know about landscaping in the fall is to pay attention to colors, accessories, and textures. Adding large shrubs and small trees to even the smallest of spaces will make them seem much larger. You can create the illusion that your yard stretches for miles by layering trees and shrubs.

Give Your Lawn One Last Cut

Mow your lawn until it stops growing. Keeping grass three inches high year-round is recommended if your grass grows year-round. It will allow the sun’s rays to reach the grass.

Test Your Soil

It is a good time to plant grass seed, but first, you should test the soil to determine its pH and nutrient levels. After any deficiencies are fixed, it’s time to aerate and seed the parts that are stressed by summer’s heat.

Fluff Up The Mulch

The process is known as turning the mulch. A little fluffing will make flower beds look fresh and reduce the need for additional, fresh mulch (or even eliminate it). Keep the pile two to three inches thick if you end up adding more stuff. Anything thicker could become an insect hideout.


Fall is a great time to install hardscaping. A variety of stone formations, walkways, fountains, pavers, and retaining walls can provide a beautiful landscape. When choosing something to accompany your soft landscaping, opt for something that’s functional, safe, and adds to the overall beauty of your space. The great thing about adding a water foundation to your landscaping is 1) it makes you feel more secluded, and 2) it blocks out street noise.

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